Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Meet Main Street Man!

Here's the new addition to our Main Street Yarn family: he's Main Street Man! This character was an art project created some years ago by Debrah's son Tyler and we think he's swell (especially wearing this oh-so-stylish hat knitted by Sue). We thought he deserved to hang out with us in the shop and give us some color. If you rub his head, he might give you tips about what is that perfect yarn for your next project!

Speaking of perfect yarns, we have more new ones. Today we got Highlander, a worsted-weight alpaca blend tweed and Socrates, an alpaca blend sock yarn that we think would also be perfect for shawls and lacey scarves. It's living on our new sock yarn wall, which is just waiting for more shipments of new sock yarns. Come see or visit our website homepage for a photo of our new red sock wall -


  1. I love the new red wall and all that sock yarn!!!! Thank you! I cannot wait to come in and check it out.

  2. My first, second, and third experience at this very friendly, deliciously stocked and helpful yarn store has been so enjoyable that they can expect me back again...and again!